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Beach hut

Beach Wheelchairs North Berwick hire beach wheelchairs from our Beach Hut within North Berwick Harbour. We also have a fixed outdoor hoist at this location but you must provide your own sling.

To help you meet your needs, we have four different beach wheelchairs available, one for children, 2 for adults and a beach walker. When you call to book with us, we will talk you through the options available to ensure that where possible the wheelchair that you choose meets your needs. The available wheelchairs are:

Ethan and Alison

We have two Hippocampe wheelchairs, a medium sized wheelchair suitable for children and small adults and an XL sized wheelchair for adults. The Hippocampe is low to the ground, so perfect for getting close to the sand and sea. However, the fixed front wheel may make it more difficult for some people. Our chair has an arm rest, leg rest, lap strap, chest harness and head rest. We also have a vacuum seating system to provide a high level of stability and comfort. 
d150213 031 lowres A Nomad beach wheelchair. This is a light weight adult beach wheelchair which has seating similar to a standard wheelchair and suitable for those with good balance when seated. The footplates can be flipped to the side to aid a standing transfer

d150213 051 lowres

An adult's deBug. This chair is tilt in space. It has lateral supports, head rest, leg and foot rests and an arm rest which can move to the side to assist transfers.The footplate is fixed which can make transfer more difficult for some people

job walker 63468 53485 1

 A Joy on the Beach walker with a flip down seat.




Beach Wheelchairs North Berwick has an all weather marine grade steel hoist bolted in place at the Beach Hut to assist with transfers where this is needed. Our volunteers are trained in using the hoist. It remains the customers responsibility to provide the sling and ensure that it is correctly attached to the spreader bar and is appropriate for the person being transferred.

How to Book

Call our volunteers in advance on 0300 111 2112 to discuss available equipment and book a session which suits you.

Sessions can be booked for morning, afternoon or evening 7 days a week.

On the day of your booking, we will meet you at our Beach Hut in North Berwick Harbour. You will be shown how to use the wheelchair, we'll ask you to sign some paperwork and then off you go!

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